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A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual is written and updated by members of 
the Columbia Human Rights Law Review. The law prohibits us from 
providing any legal advice to prisoners. The information is not 
intended as legal advice or representation nor should you consider 
it as such. Additionally, your use of the JLM should not be construed 
as creating an attorney-client relationship with the JLM staff or 
anyone at Columbia Law School. We have attempted to provide 
information that is up to date and useful. However, because the law 
changes frequently, we cannot guarantee that this information is 
current or correct.

To order the JLM by mail, please click here to download our mail order form.

For prisoners and their family members:

The JLM 11th Edition main volume is $30.  The Immigration & Consular Access Supplement is $5. First class shipping is included in the price. Prices and availability may be subject to change.  See the pricing chart on the Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual order form.

For non-prisoners or institutions:

The JLM 11th Edition main volume is $140. The Immigration & Consular Access Supplement is $22. If you are ordering for a prisoner, follow the instructions for prisoner pricing. Prices and availability may be subject to change.

You may also order up to three chapters of the 10th Edition of Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual for FREE! Please note that the 10th Edition was published in 2014. It is not the most recent edition of the JLM, and may contain information that is out of date and no longer accurate.

To order your free chapters by mail, please download, print, and complete this form.


Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual
The HRLR publishes and sells A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual (“the JLM”), a legal resource produced to assist prisoners and others in negotiating the U.S. legal system. With thirty-six chapters on legal rights and procedures including the appellate process, federal habeas corpus relief, the Prison Litigation Reform Act, religious freedom in prison, the rights of prisoners with disabilities, and many more, the JLM is a major legal reference for prisoners and libraries across the country. The HRLR publishes this critical resource and delivers it to some of those individuals whose rights are most threatened in our judicial system yet who often have no access to legal assistance. Our students deliver over a thousand JLMs every year to prisoners, institutions, libraries, and organizations. Finally, the JLM offers an Immigration and Consular Access Supplement in both English and Spanish language versions.
JLM Executive Board
Joseph Payne
Deborah Capiro
Executive Managing Director
Shengxi Li & Nikolas Youngsmith
Executive Articles Editor