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About Our Project

Our goal at the Western New York Law Center (WNYLC) is to protect generational wealth, such as home ownership, personal assets, and other possessions, for low-income families who are historically disadvantaged. We are currently serving Erie, Niagara, Wyoming, and Genesee Counties, NY.

We know that many families in and around Buffalo, NY may experience difficulties when planning for the future. As a result, many are unable to refinance their home-loans or secure other lines of credit necessary to maintain and repair a home. This is one of the primary reasons for wealth inequality in lower-income communities, with a particularly harmful effect on communities of color. We want to change that by helping you properly pass the wealth, generated through assets like home ownership, to future generations.

Through the Generational Wealth Project, we work with local homeowners to protect generational wealth that may otherwise be lost due to events like a tax foreclosure or property decay. If important documents like a Title or Deed are unclear about who the rightful owner is, it becomes difficult to preserve or transfer your home and other assets the way you want it to be done after your death. We have created this website as a community resource through which attorneys at WNYLC can interact virtually with clients to give advice and assistance in drafting Wills and Estate Planning documents. Having a Will and planning what happens to your Estate when you pass can provide you with confidence that the wealth you have generated through home-ownership and other assets will go to the people you love and care about.

Did You Know That Wills Are for Everybody?

A common misconception is the idea that Wills are only for the wealthy. However, if you have a family and a home, or even a simple savings account, you and your family can benefit greatly by taking the time to write a Will; and we are here to help you!

Having a Will allows you to provide for loved ones you leave behind and give your assets and possessions, including your home, to specific people and organizations according to your wishes. Some examples of things to put in a Will include: your house, your savings account, your car, artwork, antiques, personal items, and many other assets and possessions you may not have thought about giving away.

If you pass without a Will, there may be confusion, or possibly legal disputes, about how your assets and possessions are distributed to your family. If you have no living relatives, your estate may escheat to the State of New York, meaning the State acquires title to your property. We are here to make sure your wishes are properly documented so that when the time comes, your family and loved ones are not left to try and guess what you might have wanted, but can instead focus on a celebration of your life.

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